Do you delight in prayer?

There are many people who treat prayer as a chore. It is like something they have to do, not something they really want to do. Andrew Murray has said, “My brother, your heart must get filled with a love for God and Jesus, then you will delight in prayer.” Think back to a time you were in love. Was it a chore to talk to your lover? Was it a chore to spend time with him/her? If your lover sent you a letter, would you put it on a shelf to read later? Would you read just few sentences each day because reading is “not your thing”? Of course not! You would rip open the letter and read it over and over again. You would read between the lines and imagine what your lover was thinking when he/she wrote it. You would cherish the letter and keep it in a special place. If he/she called, you would run to the phone and linger over it for hours, sharing everything about your life and listening intently. Why don’t we treat God the same way? Today, I want you to try to think about God as the lover of your soul. I want you to listen to Him, read His Word and think about His love for you. Then I want you to ask yourself this question: Do I really love God? If you aren’t sure, then you need to search your heart and pour it out before God. Ask Him to fill you with His love. As you fall more and more in love with God, you will begin to desire to spend time with Him and you will delight in prayer. Why don’t you give it a try? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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