Feelings versus Faith

"Sometimes people will neglect to pray because they are in the dark and feel no desire to pray. But that is the very time when they need prayer. That is the very reason they need to pray. You should go right to God and confess your coldness and darkness of mind. Tell Him just how you feel. Tell Him, “Lord, I have no desire to pray, but I know I should pray.” Immediately the Spirit will come and lead your heart in prayer, and all the dark clouds will pass away." - Charles G. Finney, "How to Experience Revival" When I first became a Christian, my pastor drilled into my head that I needed to act on faith, not feeling. I am glad for that sound advice, because feelings can be very fickle. I am amazed at people who use feeling as an excuse for not being obedient. That would be like saying “I don’t really feel much like a mother today” and then neglecting your motherly duties. As mothers, we ACT like a mother whether we feel like it or not. Because that is what we are. As Christians, we need to ACT like Christians whether we feel like it or not. Because that is what we are. When you find yourself wallowing in your feelings or ignoring God because of your lack of feelings, go to your knees in prayer. Not because you feel like it, but because that is where you will see God. That is where you will be filled with joy and find strength for your day. And eventually, that is where you will get the feeling you need, if you persevere and do what you know you ought to do.

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