Praying for Miracles

I wonder how many times we miss God’s blessing because we fail to pray for miracles. This past week I was put to the test and decided to pray for a miracle. It was not a big one, but a miracle nonetheless. I was counseling a women roughly my age at the homeless shelter where I volunteer. She told me of her dreams of doing community work and how she has been frustrated that she has not been able to move forward. We prayed together and I sensed that there was some miracle that God wanted to do for her. Eventually I found out that she had just recently lost her purse with all of her identification. She tried calling the places where she had been and turned up nothing. She said it would take a miracle for her to find it, and everyone else around us agreed. I found myself saying “I believe our God is a God of miracles, and He can get your purse back!” I don’t know if you have ever put your foot in your mouth or wondered “Where did that come from?” Well, that is how I felt and I spent the next hour apologizing to God for putting him on the hook. I pleaded with God to do this miracle for her. Not because the purse was so important, but because I knew she really needed a miracle in her life to believe God for the bigger things he wanted to do through her. Today I was volunteering at the shelter again and found out that she did indeed find her purse – she had left it a store and they put it aside for her. I reminded her of our prayers and my comment about trusting God. I also told her that if God loved her enough to get her her purse back, then surely he loved her enough to bring her dreams to fruition. I could see the look of hope in her eyes. So, now I am trusting God to continue to intervene in this woman’s life. I prayed for a miracle, and God delivered. I wonder what would have happened if I had not taken the step of faith to first proclaim that God could do it and then trust him for it. Would she still have found her purse? Well, it is quite possible that she still would have found it. But the real miracle is not that she found her purse, but that God reached out to her to show her that He loves her. That is the real miracle. I hope you will be encouraged to pray for miracles. Not just for the miracle itself, but for the miraculous change it can bring about in the life of another.

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