Praying – Easy or Hard?

I was thinking about prayer today (what else is new?) and I was thinking about how easy it is to pray. Could God have made it any easier to communicate with him? All we have to do is start talking and he hears us. Frankly, we don’t even have to actually SAY anything! He can see deep into our hearts and he knows what we are going to ask even before we ask. What could be easier than that? Then why is it so hard to pray? While it is pretty easy to offer up a few words to God as I hurry out the door or while I drive to work, why is it I procrastinate getting on my knees and having a devoted prayer time? Why is it so difficult to slow down and actually get on my knees? Is it because I am too busy? Maybe it is because I really don’t understand how much God longs for me to take that time to just focus on Him. He knows my heart, but I don’t know HIS heart. My goal over the next few weeks (and months and years) is going to be to really come to understand God’s heart. As I go to Him in prayer, I am going to ask Him to allow me to see what is on His heart and to get a glimpse of how He sees me and how He sees the world. I have no doubt that it will revolutionize my prayer time as well as my life. How about you? Will you go on this quest with me? If so, please post and let me know what God reveals to you about Himself and I will do the same.

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