I didn’t expect you to answer like THAT!

The other day I was praying, and in my mind I could clearly see how God could work and how relationships could be restored. As I prayed and laid everything before Him, I envisioned reconciliation, renewed friendships and a laying aside of old hurts and bitterness. I could see healing and renewal. I breathed a breathe of fresh air and thanked God for His goodness and for bringing me to a point of forgiveness. I was so excited to see how God would work! Well, I don’t know whether to say that God definitely did NOT answer my prayer or that maybe He did, but not in the way I had expected. In fact, it was so totally the opposite of what I expected that I found myself saying, “Huh?” Maybe you have been in the same predicament. You pray for something and it appears that God gives you something you least expected. Or maybe it appears that the situation is worse than before you prayed. One thing I know for sure is that God is good and he will not give us a stone when we ask for bread. So, even though it does not seem like God gives us the RIGHT answer, we know that He gives us the BEST answer. Now, it may take months or years before we see the wisdom of His answer, but you can be sure it will come. And you will find that God always does what is best and gives His children what they truly need. And in the end, you will see that indeed your prayers were answered in a way that surpassed what you had originally thought or hoped.

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