Pray without ceasing

I have often wondered what Paul meant when he said that he never ceases to give thanks or that he prays without ceasing. We are commanded to do this in Scripture, but what does it really mean? Does it mean that we should be on our knees all day or throughout the day or 3 times a day bowing toward the temple? And how can we get anything else done if we spend the whole day praying? I think what Paul is getting at here is that we are to be in attitude of prayer throughout the day. That means having a consciousness of God whereby speaking with him is as natural as breathing. In the book of James it says to draw near to God and He will draw near to you. We worship a God who is ever ready to intercede for us. He is near to us, not far away in some distant galaxy. As we tune into God’s presence and realize that He is with us at all times, it creates within us a communication channel which is always open, whereby we can continually pray. Have you made prayer an active part of your daily life? Do you talk with God as you go about your daily routine? Do you think of Him as situations arise during the day or when you see the beauty of His creation? If not, I would like to challenge you to try it for a week. I guarantee it will change your life and you will never feel alone. God longs for this type of fellowship with His children. And, whether we realize it or not, we long for it as well.

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