The Impulse To Pray

Have you ever had a sudden impulse to pray? We need to learn to recognize the promptings of the Holy Spirit and then be obedient when we feel that impulse to pray. It is important that we don’t ignore it. There is power in prayer, and any promptings to pray should always be heeded. I remember times in the middle of the night when it felt almost like the Holy Spirit pushed me out of bed to pray for one of my children. I have no idea what harm might have befallen them had I not been driven to my knees to pray for them. I truly believe that God’s hand has been on them because of my obedience to the Spirit’s promptings to pray. The next time you feel a nudge to pray, stop what you are doing and pray. As you begin to make this a habit, you will become more in tune to the Spirit’s promptings and you will begin to have a more intimate prayer time with God. If you are faithful in the little things, he will trust you with the bigger things. Note: If you are reading this it is because God has led you here. Consider this your prompt to PRAY RIGHT NOW!

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