Tough Week

This has been a tough week on the prayer front. While we have been rejoicing over some miraculous healings, we have also been saddened by some tragic events. Sometimes it feels like your emotions are on a roller coaster when you spend time praying for so many requests. You rejoice with one family and you mourn with the next. And it is hard to understand why God gives a miracle to one family and denies another. My heart is so heavy right now, and I am so burdened for those families who are grieving, especially at this time of year. I would ask all of my readers to take a few moments today and ask God to send the Comforter to those families mourning the loss of loved ones. Pray for courage to keep going on and for wisdom and enlightenment to understand that God has his own agenda. I do believe that God looks at death differently than we do. We look at it as the end, he looks at it as a new beginning. We mourn because we can’t see past this life with our limited knowledge. When you don’t understand life’s turns and you are tempted to be discouraged, focus on who God is. He is unchangeable. We know that he is compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. That never changes, no matter how it seems. You need to trust him and acknowledge him and have faith that he will always do what is most just and loving and most compassionate. One day we will understand fully. Be patient and keep trusting.

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